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Formalis will guide you through the registration process for starting up your business in Belgium. All legal obligations related to doing business in Belgium will be explained and fulfilled by Formalis, so you can be certain that your activities in Belgium will start up smoothly and correctly. Formalis will register your company
with the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and get you a company number.

Social Security Insurance for the Self-Employed

Self-employed persons in Belgium need to register with a Social insurance provider. Group S offers you that possibility in-house. We will calculate your social security contributions. The payment of these contributions give you the right to receive child benefits, pension, social insurance in case of bankruptcy and access to legal sickness and incapacitation benefits.

External Payroll Office

Whatever the size of your business, Human Resources Management is a complex issue. An error in implementation of social legislation can be very costly. So most employers entrust administration of salaries to an authorized external payroll office. Your personal payroll manager, who is your first point of contact,
keeps careful watch and provides you with day-to-day advice. He calculates wages and social contributions correctly, ensuring that you fully comply with social legislation.

Legal Assistance

As an employer, you have to deal with complicated social legislation. We offer you:

  • assistance and advice on individual and collective work regulations;
  • legal defense in the event of a conflict with an employee or with the Social Security authorities;
  • template documents.

Child benefit

Your staff members with children are entitled to allowances. Group S handles the formalities and settles child benefits and other bonuses when a child is born or adopted.

Group S International Division

In response to the growing number of international enterprises and associations active in Belgium, Group S has set up an English-speaking division for its international clients.

Group S services for international clients include the following:

  • An English-speaking payroll manager;
  • Pay slips issued in English;
  • Salary simulations;
  • Legal assistance in English;
  • Specific expertise on matters relating to foreign workers (posting of workers, work permits, expat status, etc.);
  • Assistance with setting up a fringe benefits policy;
  • Pro-forma documents and documentation in English;
  • Statutory and extra-statutory insurance;
  • Partnership with the National Health Insurance: Symbio.

Group S is growing internationally. In France we operate through our subsidiary Group S - Management Services. We can meet the needs of companies active in Belgium and/or in France by offering them the same services in both countries.

We also currently work with partners for payroll management of employees of companies based in the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.


If you have any questions, please contact Group S - International Division

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